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Sakeenah Foundation is a charity that aims to support and empower victims of domestic abuse. We aim to raise awareness about domestic abuse in Muslim communities and promote safe environments throughout the United Kingdom.

Thaminah Choudhury is the Founder and Trustee of Sakeenah Foundation. She started with supporting vulnerable Muslim women, living in Birmingham around 2017.

She had driven and encouraged the community within Birmingham to support those who are in need in muslim communities. She envisioned an organisation that not only supports domestic abuse victims, as well creating a safe space for British Muslim women without compromising their identity, their culture and religion.

Thaminah has organised, spoken and raised awareness in several events and on radio stations about the challenges that British muslim women face. Doing all of this while working in a legal organisation, and pursuing a law degree.

Thaminah has developed and has tremendously grew Sakeenah Foundation, which is now a registered charity, all due to her passion and understanding of Muslim communities and the difficulties that British Muslims experience. Thaminah hopes one day Sakeenah Foundation will create a positive change and be a safe space for British Muslims.

Shuaib has been working within the health and social care sector for 9 years; where he has worked in many roles.

Shuaib has delivered both practical support on housing, benefits and debt as well as delivering psychological and CBT based interventions to clients. Shuaib has worked with a range of client groups including people experience substance misuse, domestic abuse victims and perpetrators and people who gambling issues. Further Shuaib as worked in management roles within health and social care. Shuaib has a keen interest in supporting individuals who are experiencing homelessness, and is now working in a management role for an organisation that assists vulnerable individuals to utilise work to improve their quality of life.

Outside of work Shuaib takes keen interest in politics and mental well-being, and is keen to utilise his skills and experience to support members of the Muslim communities to improve their overall well-being.

Hana Imaan joined Sakeenah Foundation as a Trustee in February 2021 with the goal of giving something back to the community and to be able support those who cannot always support themselves.

Outside of Sakeenah Foundation Hana has held a Director position for a Right to Manage Company for a large and complex residential block in the UKs second city since April 2015. She is also a Senior Manager in the NHS and has held a variety of roles mainly centred around cost improvement and productivity owing to her background in Management Consultancy.

In her time as a Director, Hana has led extensively on all matters relating to fire safety following the Grenfell Tower, for the block which the Board of Directors manage. She has successfully helped to increase the operating budget from £250,000 to circa £11,000,000 whilst overseeing the remediation works and leading on exploring legal avenues in pursuit of a claim under the Defective Premises Act.

Born on the outskirts of Birmingham, Hana has a passion for learning and self-development and has spent several years in the last decade studying further. She has obtained an MBA and the NHS Leadership Award for Executive Directors, The Nye Bevan Programme, for which only a little over 1000 people have graduated so far in the NHS.

In her spare time, she likes dining out and is a keen traveller with a flair for visiting different countries and experiencing their vast cultures.

Rashda Shanaz is an Emotional Resilience and Mastery Coach, NLP Practitioner, Timeline therapist, business owner, healthcare manager and travel enthusiast.

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in a managerial role, youth club leader and volunteer in a community role she coaches and mentors Asian/Muslim women who are emotionally stuck to break out of, cultural expectations to become emotionally fulfilled.She utilises her broad skill-set developed through coaching and mentoring women and youth to further inform her clients and to help them achieve their personal, career and business goals. Her areas of expertise include: emotional mastery, neurolinguistic programming, management, leadership, change management, strategic planning, policy development and clinical leadership.

She received her Foundation degree from University College Birmingham and has recently undertaken regular training to keep her skills up to date.

During the course of her career, she has held a wide range of managerial positions in the health care industry. As a result, she is well-regarded in the primary care field for her deep knowledge of quality and innovation practices, excellent communication and project management skills. She combines these with a special interest in compliance to assist clients to achieve outstanding results.

Rashda lives in Birmingham with her family. In her free time, she enjoys reading, reviewing current affairs and volunteering for community outreach organisations.

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