Our Mission Statement and Values

Sakeenah Foundation is a charity that aims to support and empower victims of domestic abuse. We aim to raise awareness about domestic abuse in Muslim communities and promote safe environments throughout the United Kingdom.

Mission Statement

  • Our work is to help vulnerable people in our communities live better lives, by developing and raising their potential.
  • In everything we do, we must act with excellence and professionalism.
  • We believe that every life should be treated with the utmost compassion and encourage compassion within the organisation and in our local community.
  • We hold the Oath of Transparency that Allah the Exalted has entrusted us to and we maintain that trust with those who place their faith in us in order to be a part of our project.
  • To actively raise awareness of issues that directly impact Muslim women so their concerns can be addressed in society today.


Sakeenah Foundation

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Sakeenah Foundation is a registered charity in England and Wales. Charity No: 1198255